Michael Taylor Collections is an evolving group of complementary companies dedicated to offering hand-crafted products of the highest quality. In 2009, LCP Investments made its first entry into the luxury home furnishings industry with the acquisition of Michael Taylor Designs, a company with a twenty-five-year history as one of the premier collection of interior and outdoor furniture. As the business grew and with the intention of expanding the offering LCP began to add complimentary companies.

In 2013, Panache Designs was acquired by LCP Investments. Panache Designs is a well-established Los Angeles based manufacturer of 18th and 19th-century European reproductions. Both Michael Taylor Designs and Panache Designs offered both classic and sophisticated traditional designs that brought a similar design aesthetic to the market. In 2014 the Hamilton Collection was added to our line-up, which brought a less formal interpretation of European antiques that was offered by Michael Taylor or Panache. Hamilton found its way into the industry many years ago as one of the premier finishing houses to most Los Angeles based high-end manufacturers, so it was no surprise when the collection was launched. 

The most recent addition to Michael Taylor Collections group was the launch of the Suzanne Tucker Outdoor Textile Collection for Michael Taylor Designs, which was introduced in 2015. The outdoor textiles, curated by Suzanne are a direct reflection of the inspiration received while working directly with Michael Taylor himself for many years.